A Note Here I am, writing notes So personal and heartbreaking To seven dear aunts who together have Destroyed in a single moment a surname’s worth Due to greed; for money, for power, and to be the worst. #andresfragosojrRead More →

A Story I’ll tell you a story Of what I thought back then, before, And of what I think this very minute; For each and every one of these seven sisters Has a chain of memories, events, which became a wish. #andresfragosojrRead More →

Don Diego My dearest grandfather. My mother’s father; patriarch. I used to draw from his broad strength Of character, and of respect, but above all Of what I thought a man ought to flourish into in life. #andresfragosojrRead More →

Dahlia My dearest grandmother; My mother’s mother; matriarch. I will always remember her kindness. She taught me that family is to be cherished. I want to remind my not-quite-family of her words. #andresfragosojrRead More →

You decided to have an affair. Moments are now filled with fantasies about meeting a mysterious stranger, rendezvous taking place in dark locations, stolen kisses and the promise of passion to come. Join her next Webinar KEEP YOUR SECRET AFFAIR A SECRET Join Here You may even have taken yourRead More →

Under the Lemon Tree In our own family There should not be place for suffering; Heartache, jealousy, lies, betrayal, pain. We think that these cannot be in our private sphere. All it takes to unearth these harmful feelings is a spark, then all hell breaks loose! #andresfragosojrRead More →

“Under the lemon tree” is written based on the ideas of family. It is a book of poetry that tells the story of the Lemon Tree family. This book shows different personalities that changed from good to bad, from heroes to villains. This is a story that almost everyone inRead More →

The Baneberry Disaster cover the calamitous December 1970 Baneberry underground nuclear test that pumped nearly 7 million curies of radiation into the atmosphere, caused the suspension of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site for six months, and whose radioactive cloud exposed 86 test-site workers to radiation, two of whomRead More →