Writer's Sidekick

Notebook Series

Writer's Sidekick Notebook Series

As a writer, do you struggle to get yourself organized when writing a story?  Now you can concentrate on writing and not seeking the specifics.

Writer's Sidekick Notebook Series

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 The Writer's Sidekick notebooks are fill in the blank notebooks designed for beginning and advance writers, that have a hard time keeping their notes in one place. Each notebook is specifically designed to hold your ideas, thoughts, and notes for you to complete your book projects. Whether you're starting a new story, an anthology, or a memoir, we have a notebook for your needs. Once your book project is complete you are ready to self-publish, send out to a publishing house and market your book. 

Take this book with you to a critique group or follow one on-line and use it to take summary notes of your fellow writers' advice and critique.

For Critique

For Names

For Novels

The Writer’s Sidekick, Author’s Notebook is designed to hold all of your ideas, thoughts, and notes, in a simple notebook that you carry everywhere.

Author's Notebook

Your characters are defined by the name you give them. Names are what gives your character's character.